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Fire Suppression for the Domestic Sector

Expert in the design and manufacture of high pressure water mist systems, Hydrocore believes in providing a complete solution for fire suppression in domestic and commercial applications. With a strong in-house design and development team, we strive to ensure the safety of people and property through high quality systems and products.

The products are manufactured at our new modern manufacturing site in the UK. The Hydro range of water mist pump units are designed in accordance to NFPA 750. All our products are subjected to rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure high performance systems are delivered to our clients. We also design systems engineered to order to meet client specific needs and offer a complete fire suppression solution along with after sales & service support.

With a combination of precision engineered nozzles, intelligent control systems and nine piston water lubricated pump technology our Hydro Range of products offer multiple benefits: people safety via quick and effective fire suppression, ease of installation and minimal water damage to property & equipment.

Benefits of Hydrocore High Pressure Water Mist Systems

Protecting People & Property

The Hydro range of high pressure water mist systems produce micro droplets that are dense and fast moving and vaporise absorbing heat at a very fast rate. This leads to rapid reduction in the ambient temperature and helps suppress the fire and uniformly cools the protected areas.

High pressure water mist creates a positive pressure on activation and expands by a factor of 1,700 times when it gets converted to steam. The combined effect of positive pressure and sudden volume expansion prevents introduction of fresh air into the affected area and thus restricts oxygen from further fuelling the fire. Sudden cooling of fire and combustible material along with choking the fire of fresh oxygen supply, minimises the chance of any possible re-ignition.

The micro droplets in the high pressure water mist combine with the smoke particles in the air, become heavier and fall to the ground, this smoke scrubbing effect increases visibility. High pressure water mist also creates a shield around the fire and blocks the radiant heat from spreading which helps people to safely evacuate from an affected area.

Less Water, Less Damage

The Hydro range of mist systems offer a superior performance and help fight fires by discharging water mist at a high velocity and pressure. The finely atomised mist creates a large reaction surface area and hence compared to conventional suppression systems a very small amount of water is required to suppress the fire. Large reaction surface area leads to fast vaporisation limiting the water damage to property as the water droplets do not wet the floor or the furniture / equipment and evaporate even before falling to the ground. Using water without any additives and in the most environmentally friendly manner, the Hydro range of high pressure water mist systems ensure a minimum downtime for your business in case of any fire incident or accidental discharge.

Straightforward Installation

With reduced water requirement compared to conventional fire suppression systems the Hydro range of systems have small components and compact enclosures, making the installation easier. Small diameter stainless steel pipes are easy to carry and are easier to install in old houses and new high-rise buildings alike. Reduced diameter means reduced space requirement, lesser installation times and increased flexibility for architects.
The domestic and residential water mist systems are compact and can be easily fit into a kitchen area and most systems do not require a tank. Due to the superior technology and increased efficiency of high pressure water mist systems, the water storage tank is much smaller than that of a low pressure water mist system or a conventional sprinkler system.

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